Bagadou of Brittany

A bagad is a Breton band, composed of bagpipes bombardes and percussion. The pipe band tradition in Brittany was inspired by the Scottish example and has developed since the mid-20th century. A bagad plays mainly Breton music. The plural for bagad is unusual in that many are referred to as bagadoù but for two, three or any other specified number they are simply referred to as bagad (following the rules of Breton grammar).
Every major town and city in Brittany has at least one bagad and there are over 80 in total.
For competition purposes the bagadoù are ranked into five categories. Major competitions take place annually in Brest and in Lorient, where the National Championship takes place during the InterCeltic Festival in August.
Bagad and Cercle Kevrenn Alre of Auray

Interceltic Festival of Lorient - Each year over 650,000 visitors attend this lively festival that celebrates Celtic creative arts. During the 10-day event, over 4,500 artists travel to Lorient from all over the world to perform music, theatre and dance for the amassed crowds. Established in 1971, Celtic men and women continue to flock to the Breton harbour town of Lorient to express and celebrate their heritage. A real treat for anyone interested in Celtic culture, visitors can experience fiddle music, bagpipe lessons, Gaelic workshops and ceilidhs. There are also plenty of opportunities to sample traditional Celtic food and drink

Bagad de Lann Bihoue

The Bagad of the Navy

Special bonus : When the Bretons invade the Capital!